Adopt our powerful data analytics program to make the process of applying to university understandable, accountable, and enjoyable for counsellors, teachers, students, and parents.

Solutions For Guidance Counsellors
& School Management

We are partnering with local schools to provide the best experience for applying to non-JUPAS university programs for 2018/19:

  • At-a-Glance Presentation

Year-on-year student application trends and clear presentation of offers received across HK and overseas universities

  • Data Driven Analytics

Highlight where historically graduates have succeeded and where improvements can be made (e.g. where admission rates are low, and factors leading to success vs failure).

With more schools under our umbrella, we are able to offer a more accurate snapshot of the Hong Kong specific data (ie IB average for certain non-JUPAS programs).

  • Customized Advisory Solution

Make sense of historical data with machine learning to help counsellors/students capture individual applicant’s strengths and shortcomings specific to their target universities and programmes, highlighting major roadblocks they will face, focusing attention on specific subjects to work on to boost success.

  • Final Grades & Offer Prediction
Predicted grades weigh significantly in the admissions process. Historical transcripts submitted through the portal will be scanned and analyzed and over time, counsellors and teachers will be able to use our algorithm to better predict final grades of students. The AppTrack Asia algorithm will help schools build an objective, AI-driven tool for grade prediction as well as admission rates prediction for each student, optimizing the college counseling process.

Easy Reporting

  • School specific data optimized for school management and corporate governance
  • Visual interpretation to illustrate improvements in acceptance rates for students year after year
  • Comparison to see how your students did compared to other schools in Hong Kong (college counseling office use only).

Be a Part of the Solution

We’re working with a group of elite local schools to tailor the program for their needs as Early Adopters.
  • In person demo during October 2018 at the Counsellor’s convenience to ensure smooth adoption.
  • Data collection of previous years’ applicants offered free of charge for building customized analytics for Counsellor.
  • Early adopter advisors have a chance to shape the dashboard based on what is most relevant to tracking progress and informing administrators of key indicators for success.

Solutions For University Admissions Officers

AppTrack Asia is developed for all applicants through the collaboration among secondary schools with the highest number of Non-JUPAS and International applicants to promote and increase likelihood of acceptance into the tertiary education system.

By making the application process more understandable, accountable, and enjoyable for school administrators and students, families are happier, students are less stressed, and universities have a higher matriculation.

At a glance, find out student matriculation per school, increasing or decreasing year on year. If a student didn’t take up your offer, where did he/she end up going and why?

Be a part of the solution to make your institution an even more attractive destination for higher education.